Hi.  I'm Leah Dolgoy.

I am a Montreal-based indie folk musician who plays, teaches, records, and writes/arranges music on the autoharp. (Psst. I play folk harp too). 

How did I get into the autoharp?  Great question.  I picked up the autoharp when I was 25, after randomly hearing someone playing it on the radio, and thinking it sounded so beautiful. It was love at first strum.  I didn't know at the time that the autoharp would turn from a crush to a long term relationship.  Seven years later, I play in several bands and musical projects, have toured extensively across Canada and parts of the United States, and extol the virtues of the instrument whenever I take it out in public.  Maybe it's because autoharp holding technique involves hugging the instrument? Who knows, but we're together forever.

I have created this website to facilitate sharing my love of the autoharp with others.  I am beginning a teaching practice. Please check out the site to find out more about what I can offer you, and get in touch if you are interested in working with me.  You can find the bands I play in here and here, plus a few songs featuring autoharp and videos of me playing autoharp with friends.